Why STEM Toys Boost Your Brain.

Technology is everywhere. We’re surrounded by it and use it constantly, to our detriment. But there’s great benefit in building and playing with traditional toys.

Whether it’s a set of Legos, a puzzle, or just the cardboard box something came in, people enjoy using their brain to solve something and their hands to put something together. A wooden, mechanical model combines the very best of these things in one.

Check out these reasons why building a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toy is just better.

Develop Skills for Life

One of the best things about a STEM toy is that it develops brain function in creative and effective ways.

Building a wooden model involves many aspects, including fine motor skills, problem recognition, problem-solving, planning, and time management. These skills are important to our lives no matter what age we are. By working through the plans and the building of a model, and then being able to play with it, we develop brain functions to a higher capacity.

Whether you build a model for yourself or you collaborate with your children and grandchildren, you will all benefit from cognitive, motor, and collaborative skill development. So, get building!

Set Yourself Up for the Future

STEM skills are what employers are looking for. As we noted above, building and playing with wooden models develop these skills, so you are basically setting yourself (or your children) up for future success when you open the wooden model box and start your project.

Each wooden model we produce refines engineering skills through building, math skills through calculations needed to make sure everything fits right, technology skills through understanding the working mechanism, and science skills through comprehension of the mechanism itself.

Having fun building a wooden model is a gift of future potential to yourself or your family.

It Just Feels Better!

There’s something in the feel of wood that appeals to our human nature. Building and playing with a wooden model enhances our wellbeing simply because of the material itself.

We gain a sense of calm from working with organic materials that aren’t matched from a screen or through an app. According to the annual TIMPANI toy study, there is a hands-on aspect to building and playing with simple STEM toys that is simply better for us. We become engulfed in the feel of the toy and our imaginations are stimulated.

A wooden toy will bring contentment from the building process all the way through to playing with it for years to come.

Build Your STEM Toy

It’s clear that building and playing with a wooden, mechanical model is a good thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you are eight or eighty, you’re going to benefit from it.

You’ll develop skills, you’ll learn new things, you’ll feel better, and, just like that, your project will have made your life more fun and fulfilling. What more could you ask for?

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