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In today's world, we are constantly distracted by technology. It's time to take a break.

Our model building kits will challenge you to use your problem-solving skills, engage your creativity, and leave you with a rewarding feeling. 


Easy when you take your time and follow the directions. I did only a few steps per sitting, took me a week. I had to make small adjustments once I put all the gears together. It was an awesome feeling to watch and hear the clock ticking away. Awesome project!

Brad W.

This was my first try at trying to put one of these projects together. I found it very challenging but so rewarding. If you really take your time and study the instructions thoroughly, you will find it remarkable at how all the pieces fit together. . I am definitely going to get another model to build now that I have a better understanding of getting the gears to work better. I love it and look forward to another challenge. Thank you.


Well thought out design! The kit was easy to build and all laser cut parts came out nice and clean. The instructions are clear and detailed. Very happy with my purchase!


Quick How To Guide

Easy as 1, 2, 3

1) To begin, unpack the contents of the box. 
2) Next, follow the detailed instructions to pop out the required piece and assemble. 
3) Display and enjoy the model in action!

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